Stitch Cartoon Character Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

The master class is not educational material, therefore, to create this toy, basic crochet skills are required.
For any questions that arise, you can contact me personally by writing a message.
Designer: @my__toys__story

When knitting, we used Alize Softy yarn of blue (141) -2 skeins, turquoise (490) and pink (265) – it took less than half a skein.
Hook number 3.5.
To decorate the peephole, you will need white and black felt, as well as glue.
The height of the finished toy is 30cm.

AR – Amigurumi Magic ring
MR – Amigurumi Magic ring
App – application
ll – lift loop
sc : Single Crochet
inc : Increase
dec : Decrease
tr : Triple Crochet/ Treble Crochet
st: Stitch
dc : Double Crochet
hdc: Half Double Crochet
sl-st : Slip Stitch
ch : Chain : make increase into same stitch as many as the number which is given in front of “inc” abbreviation (exp; 3inc, 4inc..).
FLO : Crochet into front loops only
BLO : Crochet into back loops only
BL : Bobble Stitch – do 5dc all in the same stitch and then yarn over and pull through all the loops on your hook (the original loop + 1 loop for each partially completed dc).

1.6 sc in MR
2.6 inc=12
3.(1 sc,inc)*6 =18
4.(2 sc,inc)*6=24
5.(3 sc,inc)*6=30
6.(4 sc,inc)*6=36
7.(5 sc,inc)*6=42
8.(6 sc,inc)*6=48
9.(7 sc,inc)*6=54
10-18.-54 sc (9р)
19.(7 sc,dec)*6=48
20.3 sc,dec(6 sc,dec)*5,3 sc=42
21.(5 sc,dec)*6=36
22.2sc,dec,(4 sc,dec)*5=30
23.(3 sc,dec)*6=24
24.(2 sc,dec)*6=18 Fill the part with holofiber
25.(1 sc,dec)*6=12
26.6 dec, pull the hole, hide the thread.

1.6 sc in MR
2.6 inc=12
3.(1 sc,inc)*6 =18
4.(2 sc,inc)*6=24
5.(3 sc,inc)*6=30
6.(4 sc,inc)*6=36
7.(5 sc,inc)*6=42
8.(6 sc,inc)*6=48
9.(7 sc,inc)*6=54
10-13.-54 sc (4р)
14.(7 sc,dec)*6=48
15-16.48 sc
17.(6 sc,dec)*6=42
18-19.42 sc
20.(5 sc,dec)*6=36
21.36 sc.
23.(3 sc,dec)*6=24 Fill the part with holofiber
24.(2 sc,dec)*6=18 Leave the thread for sewing together the details.
Sew the head to the body

1.6 sc in MR
2.6 inc=12
3.(1 sc,inc)*6 =18
4.(2 sc,inc)*6=24
5.(3 sc,inc)*6=30
6-12.30 sc (7p.)
13.(3 sc,dec)*6=24
14-15.24 sc
16.(2 sc,dec)*6=18
17-24. 18 sc (8р.) Fill the part with holofiber
25.(1 sc,dec)*6=12
26.6 dec. Pull the hole, hide the thread.

1.6 sc in MR
2.6 inc=12
3.(1 sc,inc)*6 =18
Gradually fill the part with holofiber
4-8.18 sc (5р.)
9.(1 sc,dec)*6=12
10-17.12 sc (8р.)
18.6 dec. Pull the hole, hide the thread

Next, we can already connect the main parts of the toy. Before stitching them, I arrange them symmetrically and temporarily fasten them with knitting needles, and then sew them with a needle.
I do this so that they do not change their position.

Ears (requires basic blue yarn and pink)

We begin to knit with blue yarn in the future there will be the following designations:

C-knit blue, P-pink. Broaches will form in the middle of the part during the color change, so you should pay attention to this and do not tighten the loops tight.

1.6 sc in MR-С
2.3 inc.С,3 inc.Р =12
3.(1 sc,inc)*3 С, (1 sc,inc)*3 Р =18
4.(2*3 С,(2 sc,inc)*3 Р=24
5.(3 sc,inc)*3 С,(3 sc,inc)*3 Р=30
6.(4 sc,inc)*3С,(4 sc,inc)*3 Р=36
7.(5 sc,inc)*3 С,(5 sc,inc)*3 Р=42
8.(6 sc,inc)*3 С,(6 sc,inc)*3 Р=48
9-11.24 sc С,24 sc Р=48 (3р)
12.(6 sc,dec)*3 С,(6 sc,dec)*3 Р=42
13-14.21 sc С,21 sc Р =42 (2р.)
15.(5 sc,dec)*3 С,(5 sc,dec)*3 Р=36
16-18. 18 sc С,18 sc Р =36 (3р)
19.(4 sc,dec)*3 С,(4 sc,dec)*3 Р =30
20-21. 15 sc С,15 sc Р=30 (2р.)
22.(3 sc,dec)*3 С,(3 sc,dec)*3 Р=24
23-24. 12 sc С,12 sc Р=24 (2р.)
25.(2 sc,dec)*3 С,(2 sc,dec)*3 Р=18
26-28.9 sc С,9 sc Р =18 (3р.)
29. 18 sc С
Fold the piece in half and knit sc on both sides of the piece in blue, leave the thread to sew on.
After folding the eyelet again in half pink inward and with the help of a needle and the left thread, grabbing several loops, connect the opposite sides.
Sew the ears symmetrically to the head, hide the thread.

A speck on the tummy and muzzle (one detail)
(turquoise yarn)
This part is knitted in rotary rows with 1 ch.
at the beginning of each row.
First, we collect a chain of 10 sc + 1 in the ascent.

1-23.-10 sc into each loop
24. (inc,sc)*2,2 inc,(sc,inc)*2=16
25.(inc,4 sc)*3,inc=20,(2sc,inc)*3,(inc,2 sc)*3,пр=28,(3 sc,inc)*3,(inc,3 sc)*3,inc=36 Fasten the thread, leave for sewing
Place the part on the tummy, and the widest part in the face area. For convenience, it is better to secure the position with tailor’s pins, and then sew along the contour with the thread left.

Eye spots (turquoise yarn)
1.9 ch, in 2nd st from hook sc, 3 sc, 3 sc in 1 st, 3 sc, inc = 12,2 sc,1hdc,3 inc hdc,1 hdc,2 sc,2 inc=18
3.1 sc,inc,2 sc,1 hdc,(1hdc,inc)*3,1 hdc,2 sc,(1sc,inc)*2=24
Leave the thread for sewing.
Next, place and sew the spots in the eye area.
We make eyes and a nose out of felt, glue it.
So our wonderful
Cartoon Hero – Stitch!
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I wish you all continued success and
Creative inspiration.